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A message from Gary Pearl of Pearl Companies... 

It is during times of national tumult and soul searching that it is all the more important for companies, and the individuals that make them up, to consider the heart of what they truly believe and why they exist. Central to that thought, when it comes to Pearl Insurance, is the idea that we were founded upon, specifically that "People have a basic human need to live and work with certainty."

The devastating and unjust deaths of George Floyd in Minneapolis and Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia recently were clear violations of that idea, and as a company, we stand with the African American community as strongly and unequivocally opposed to such brutality.

Any action taken that would rob an individual of their humanity, deny them equality, opportunity or mercy, is antithetical to the reason that we exist as a business, and breaks the heart of the people that are employed within our offices from top to bottom.

While every single employee and customer inherently matters to Pearl, all are not suffering equally which we have been reminded of in horrifying fashion once again with the deaths of Mr. Floyd and Mr. Arbery.

It is for that reason that we want to state clearly and strongly that Black Lives Matter.

Writing words of support is only the first step, and we know that actions must be taken. Pearl Companies have been committed to taking the next steps there as well, providing a 24-hour hotline for Employee Assistance, supporting local charities and matching charitable contributions for all employees, and leadership that is here to listen to the concerns and fears of our employees. These are only the beginning of the types of effort that will be required to bring understanding, education and healing to some of our most difficult national issues, but it is a foundation to build upon for the future as we look forward to what we still believe can be the American dream for all citizens of this great country.

Pearl Companies will keep speaking and working towards that end; that is a promise, from my family to yours.

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